Emergency Procedures

  Schools are sometimes faced with emergencies which require the total cooperation of staff members and students. The Anadarko Public School District has made detailed plans for operating the schools in emergency conditions such as fire, tornado, flood, severe weather, explosions, and other disasters.

  Fire drills and other disaster preparedness measures are a regular part of each school's program. Students are expected to learn the procedures to be followed under emergency conditons and to cooperate fully with the supervision of teachers. Parents should listen to the local radio or television stations for announcements from the Superintendent of Schools.

  Anadarko Public School District participates in the SchoolMessenger program to notify parents in the event of a school closing or emergency. Be sure that your child's school has your current phone and e-mail information.

Building Contact Information

Anadarko High School

Principal:  Danny Harris

Phone:  (405) 247-2486

Address:  1400 S. Mission

Anadarko Middle School

Principal:  LaVonda Bost

Phone:  (405) 247-6671

Address:  900 W. College St.

Mission Elementary

Principal:  Leah Bauman

Phone:  (405) 247-6607

Address:  1300 S. Mission

East Elementary

Principal:  Amy Mears

Phone:  (405) 247-2496

Address:  107 SE 5th St.

Sunset Elementary

Principal:  Jeff Barrett

Phone:  (405) 247-2503

Address:  508 SW 7th St. 

Extracurricular Emergency Action

  In 2020 The Riley Boatwright Act was signed into law in the state of Oklahoma.  This law requires school districts to provide emergency medical services at athletic events and school activities.  Districts are required to have an Emergency Action Plan that is reviewed and updated on an annual basis.