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Inclement Weather Policy/Procedures

The district will always err on the side of safety when considering the closing, early departure, or late start for the school day.  Student and staff safety will always be the first consideration during inclement weather events.  

 In the event that severe weather of any type is indicated by the National Weather Service that will affect the district boundaries, the district will continually monitor the weather by television, radio, and computer for the most current conditions during the weather event. 

 If inclement weather arises, the following will drive district decisions pertaining to school closings, late starts, and early departures:

 1.     The ability of district bus drivers to arrive at the transportation department to drive the buses and the ability of district buses to pick up students throughout the district boundaries and deliver them safely to and from the school sites.

 2.     The ability of all students and staff members to arrive safely at and to depart safely from the school sites.

   It is extremely difficult to release students early once the school day has begun.  If severe weather strikes, the ability to get the bus drivers back in to the bus garage to get the buses ready for the routes, the safety of students who must wait to walk home with older siblings, and the safety of students who go home to empty houses are all determining factors in the district’s ability to call for an early release during inclement weather.

 Parents are always welcome to check their child out early from school on inclement weather days if they so choose.

 The Oklahoma City television stations and local radio stations will be notified once the decision has been made to delay the start of the school day, an early release, or the closing of school for the day.  Notifications will also be placed on the district Facebook page, which can be accessed on the homepage of the distrit website at

 SchoolReach Notification System will also be utilized to contact parents and staff of any school closings, late start, or early release during inclement weather.  For more information about SchoolReach, please see the link on the homepage of the district website at

 If at any time you are unsure of school closings, early departure, or late start, please contact the office of your child's school.